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A31 actions

Here we try to get the reports, if possible with some pictures, of the A31 actions against a corporate UN from all around the world. As you can see it isn't complete yet. More will follow soon.

(So for the 'missing' groups and actions; please send your report as aoon as possible to

A31 Europe - A31 the rest of the World - other related events

A31 Europe

Amsterdam: On Saturday August 31 the UN-Masquerade Parade walked though the centre of Amsterdam. About 500 activists (partly from the Peoples Global Action conference in Leiden), some big puppets, a lot of banners, a samba band and a few bicycle-sound-systems attracted in positive way the attention of the public along the road. Because of the happy and colourful show a lot of people where interested in the message and the folder. [read more]

Barcelona: There was a banners action at the central office of the Multinational Gas Natural. Afterwards the group of about 50 activists moved to the local Greenpeace office because the director of Greenpeace appeared together with the president of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the biggest greenwash organisation of them all. Those partnerships legitimise business.
Earlier slogans were spray-painted on several bank buildings as an protest against the commercialisation of sustainable development. Pictures and some more info on: (banners) and (spay-painting)

Earlier a actions against the corporate lobby were done by the 'Lobby Busters'. Visit their website:

Croatia: Some action groups distibuted materials on Rio+10, Rio-10, corporate greenwash and the global day of action and got people to sign petitions against GMOs.

Germany: Anti-GE activists destroyed a test field of Novartis and Agrevo genetically engineered plants.

København, Denmark: Nature and Youth is organising a demo on August 30 in the afternoon in front of the parliament. The next day in the afternoon on the 31st there will a manifestation in the Rådhuspladsen (main square) organised by lots of other organisations together. More info will follow.

London: London Solidarity protest at the headquarters of Anglo American, 20 Carlton Terrace. Monday 2 September 5pm. [more]

Portugal: Outside a Monsanto office a small group was washing this big greenwasher.

Sweden: Saturday afternoon, about 40 people from Fältbiologerna, Friends of The Earth, Green Youth, Loesje, Attac and others joined a backwards demonstration. This was symbolising the direction, which the WSSD is taking the planet while others dressed up as greedy businessmen kicked a planet around the streets. Preparations for Gothenburg are going on. [read also a report of an action on August 8]

Timisoara, Rumania: Activists even though recently be atagonised by police, had a Food Not Bombs action and disseminated information about the corporate co-option of the UN and the WSSD. At night there was a benefit party related to the World Summit protests.

Warsawa: preparations are going on. More info will follow.

Zurich: A Reclaim the Streets party with about 300 people took place in the centre of Zurich. The aim of this action in financial centre of Switserland was to reclaim commercial and privatised spaces as a protest against neo-liberalism. More pictures on A longer report in french you can find on:

A31 Europe - A31 the rest of the World - other related events

Other related events and actions in Europe

Bike+10 (towards Germany): Bike+10 is a big star-shapes bike action on the occasion of the Johannesburg Summit in August 2002. In total around 500 hundred people from all over Europe want to approach the summit critically as well as raise the public awareness. In ten to fifteen days they will cycle across several countries. All groups will meet in Göttingen to build the camp, which will last five days. For more background and action reports: website:

Ecotopia (Ireland): Ecotopia, has been held annually for the last thirteen years in Europe moving from country to country each year. It is organised by a local
grassroots environmental organisation that is part of the EYFA (European
Youth For Action) network. At this years Ecotopia the World Summit will be an important theme.

European PGA Conference (Leiden, The Netherlands): Peoples Global Action is a worldwide network that works towards a durable, peaceful, social, borderless and directly democratic alternative to capitalism and all systems of oppression. At the same time as the World Summit people in Leiden will talk about struggles and alternatives. More on

Street Cinema (Amsterdam): Every Saturday in August there will be streetcinema in Amsterdam. All the showed videos have a link with the World Summit. [more]

Brighton, England: Brighton 'Sunny Day' focussing on renewable energy. Risingtide event with electric bicycles, a biodiesel manufacturer, a presentation of Brighton's Earthship, climate change information stalls, suppliers of renewable electricity, local green shops, a samba band, etc. [more]

A31 Europe - A31 the rest of the World - other related events

A31 in the Rest of the World

Johannesburg, South Africa: Of course the biggest events will take place in Johannesburg itself. From international NGOs till local grassrouts groups and the civil society movement will show their anger and concerns. More on the page on South Africa.

Melbourne, Australia: On August 30 Rio Tinto was greeted with 'corporate giant' puppet, radiation suits, noise and colour. Friends of the Earth is calling for a Corporate Accountability Convention at the Earth Summit, because voluntary measures are not enough. Rio Tinto is part of the Global Compact, yet has attracted more complaints of environmental destruction and human rights abuses than any other mining company. They also own the Jabiluka uranium mine site in World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park. Jabiluka needs to be rehabilitated and given back to the indigenous people of Kakadu.
more on

Perth, Australia: Perths very first Reclaim the Streets Party drew well over a hundred thirty people yesterday in rainy conditions to part of King street (in the Central Business District) closed off by those protesting the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Perths first RTS kicked off with a rally (illegal) in the middle of the city (Forrest Place), followed by a colourful and musical procession (illegal) led by a pide piper along with various amazing bicycle contraptions (carrying the sound system, a masked lad with a drum kit, as well as large steel framed musical chime which was to be the main road blockading device) through the CBD's predestrian malls, before heading heading to the RTS sita small part of an one way street with minimal parking located near some up market coffee houses on King Street...

It took the police quite a while to stop the party. Baricades had to be removed and people hooked around and climed on a big frame. A lot of arrested people were unarrested by the crowd and other could run away. New people took the places of removed people. The police gave up for almost an hour, but to avoid problems with the humbled police the group decided to leave on their on terms. All in all a fun day although 7 people got arrested.

Link to a longer report:

Bogotá, Colombia: CENSAT Agua Viva and Friends of the Earth Colombia are organising a Multicultural Procession of Resistence for august 31st in the city of Bogotá (Colombia). The procession will leave at 9 am from the Plaza de Bolívar and will arrive at 1pm in the park of 'Renacimiento' to start an open place of music and resistance expressions. Contact <> or <>.[more]

Ghana: In Ghana a youth demonstration in the principal street s of Kunasi took place. Their main focus was the bad IMF policy in Africa. Afterwards there was a public talk about the 'African debt trap'. In Tamale in the north there was a discussion evening hosted by the University with video's on the World Summit and corporate accountability. "Besides that there was nothing bad but a disgrace of Business, The UN, IMF and World Bank and Kofi Annan who's a son of our soil but has failed to work for us." [more].

New Delhi (India): At the India International Centre in New Delhi Toxics Link screened "In God's Own Country", on how a simple, gentle community takes on the Government and Industrial giant.

Tokyo, Japan: Walk for Sustainability. Tokyo-based NGO for majority world and environmental issues Global Village calls for groups and individuals to join us on 31 August for a march through Tokyo to raise awareness about issues surrounding the World Summit and the basic ideals of sustainability and peace.
They will meet in Miyashita Park, Shibuya, Tokyo, from noon to make placards. The march will begin at 1pm and proceed to Yoyogi Park for information sharing and street theatre until 3pm. Contact Maggie: <>. [more]

Philippines: An action will take place against a major symbol of Globalisation.

US: Youth activists organised a press event and did a 24 hour solidarity fast to protest the corporate waste and extravagene at the summit.

A31 Europe - A31 the rest of the World - other related events





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